Lesson Intro
Lesson Title: Similes
Subject: Literature/Poetry
Grade Level: 5-8

Materials & Resources
-Student Response Boards & Erasers
-Paper and Pencils
-Simile Poem Practice Sheet
-Simile PowerPoint Presentation
-Computer & Projector with Sound

Instruction Procedure
1. Do Now: What does a metaphor and simile both have in common?

2. Essential Question: What is a simile?

3. Think, Pair, Share: The video contains examples of similes in popular music. Observe the examples and try observe what a simile is.

4. PowerPoint Presentation: Take notes on similes and clarify definition.

5. Think, Pair, Share: Share examples that students know from real life.

6. Think, Pair, Share: Review poems from text and identify examples within each.

7. Think: Begin first half of poetry worksheet.

8. Pair: Trade with another pair and complete the similes with your partner.

9. Share: Share your favorite similes that you created. Make sure they are similes.

10. Exit Slip: How can we remember what a simile is?
Answer: A similes compares two things using like or as.

Method Explanation

Think, pair, share is a quick and affective instructional strategy/classroom management strategy that can be used with any age group. Students all receive time to independently complete a task, then more time to complete the same task with a partner and collaborate, then another opportunity to share what they learned with the help of their partner. It provides all students with time to prepare an answer and to participate within every classroom exercise.

Video for Teaching

Links to Videos (YouTube)

Similes in Popular Music